A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The mountain-climbing, strawberry-collecting, air-dashing fun of Celeste in pinball form!  Climb up Celeste Mountain and gather as many strawberries, hearts, and cassettes as you can before time's up.  Hone your skills with both flippers and air dashes to get a new high score!

Celeste Pinball combines classic pinball elements with Celeste's unique design and mechanics to make a new pinball game with plenty of room to grow more skilled and find new techniques.

This is an unofficial fan-game made to celebrate how great Celeste is (you should check it out if you haven't already!), and it is unaffiliated with Celeste and Matt Makes Games.  I do not own the textures, music, or intellectual property of Celeste, so I will not be accepting donations for this game, but if you like my work, then please consider checking out and donating to one of my other games; it really means a lot to have your support to help me keep making these things!


CelestePinball_Windows.zip 30 MB
CelestePinball_Mac.app.zip 46 MB


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I was looking for pinball games on itch when I came across this one. Enjoyed it! Neat to see pinball adaptations of video games that aren't currently getting made by real-world manufacturers anyway XD